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My astrology readings focus on relationships—the relationships between the disparate parts of your personality. I can immediately see what parts of you find life simple and what parts of you are chomping at the bit to grow, and how these different aspects of your personality can work together so you can align yourself with and manifest the highest expression of who you are.

Love and relationship astrological reading

I’ve made a decades-long study of esoteric symbolic correspondence systems. While tarot readings start with an image, astrology is an even terser shorthand, built on celestial geometry. But in the hands of a poet, these markers are cue cards for the theme, meter, and tempo of you and all your variations. I take a holistic approach to the chart, weaving together rather than breaking apart. 

Kamal Astrologer Wolverhampton
Love Reading Kamal Astrologer Wolverhampton

What To Expect From This Session ?


By comparing your Sun and Moon signs, your advisor can outline the guiding forces in your lifestyle, emotions, and go-to behaviors. This core examination of a couple will paint a picture of the foundation of the relationship. Are you two yin and yang, or are you equally hot-headed and prone to arguments? This building block sets the stage for further exploration into your unique relationship dynamics.


What if you think your relationship is cooling because the passion isn’t there anymore, while your partner feels you’ve lost interest because you don’t provide words of encouragement? A love language comparison reveals what each partner needs from the other and what they are likely to give to show that they care. Understanding each other’s love languages is a crucial component of maintaining positive communication.


How does your partner or potential love match affect you with their energy, their actions, and their beliefs? Placing your birth charts on top of each other reveal angles between planets in both charts to show how a couple is likely to interact and react. Identify the source of current problems or plant seeds for enlightenment early in a relationship.


What will your union look like down the road? Are you an excellent match for years of tranquility and love, or are there pitfalls to watch out for during the long haul? Your advisor can examine your birth charts to provide some clarity on ways to inspire closer connection and avoid friction later on.

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