Energy Healing Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. 

Influencing this flow of energy by implementing physical and mental awareness and intention, can bring about profound and replicable results. Through meditation, physical touch, and exercise our energy bodies can be altered to provide higher states of health, consciousness and, you guessed it, energy. These energy healing techniques can help you find an approach that is right for you and lead you on a path to healing and sustained health, either as a primary or supplemental modality.

At Kamal Astrologer & Chakra Healer Wolverhampton, these energy healings are subdivided into 3 Groups as below:

1) Chakra Balancing

Regular chakra energy balancing or clearing can transform your life by healing you whether what you need is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The Chakra Balancing session involves a gentle energy realignment which aims to fill your energy field with vital life force. This has a gentle yet powerful effect, enhancing your sense of well being, peace and harmony which will then facilitate true and pure healing within.

Everybody can benefit from having the Chakra’s balanced however some of the most common reasons people come & do 1-1 sessions @ Kamal Astrologer and Chakra Healer include :-

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Feeling overwhelmed 
  • Migraines
  • Feeling out of sorts (unexplained feelings which are not diagnosed)
  • Panic
  • Depression
  • Overwhelm

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2) Reiki Healing

he Japanese word Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’ which flows through all living things and promotes the body’s own healing ability. 

This treatment is given over light clothing.  The hands are kept still and placed gently on various places on the body to channel a healing energy. 

Reiki is not spiritual or faith healing – it is recognised by medical science as one of the most advanced natural stress relief and health improvement therapies. 

Reiki is deeply relaxing and is the physiological equivalent to 3 or 4 hours quality sleep.

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3) Crystal Healing

All living beings have an electromagnetic field, forming an undetectable shield around the body. The body has 7 main chakras which are the main energy centres. When the chakras become blocked from stress or illness this can imbalance our system and can lead to disease manifestation.

The Crystal Chakra Healing session is aimed at rebalancing the bodies main chakras, using crystal therapy. This session is very relaxing, promoting a sense of calm and feeling of wellbeing. It rebalances the energy centres to maintain our health. 

It’s beneficial effects:

  • Natural crystal healing energy

  • Rebalance of the 7 chakras

  • Works on the entire body

  • Aids relaxation

For further benefit & knowledge Why Not?  book 1-1 session now @ Kamal Astrologer & Chakra Healer Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

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