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Face Reading

Face Reading or physiognomy is an art and science, in which, the customers’ faces are read for making accurate predictions on vital life issues. There is a saying that you cannot read a book by its cover. However, The cover of the book is a very good indicator of what is inside the book. Similarly, A face is a very good device or tool for a professional reader for divination and predictions. The face not only gives expressive signs, but also provides significant clues for divining a person’s character, personality, attitudes, traits, and behaviour.


The scientific study, analysis, and predictions are best conducted by an experienced professional with considerable expertise in face reading. Astrology and palmistry are complementary sciences and help in making better predictions. At Kamal Astrologer,We professional observes and reads the customer’s face with capability and competence to generate the most viable and accurate predictions of high relevance and validity. Customers who are open minded and co-operative during the face reading session will be able to leave our centre with a more reliable and accurate set of predictions. Withdrawn faces with insularity can be a hindrance, while expressive and communicative faces are more suitable for comfortable reading and to make authentic predictions.


First impression is the best impression, and our famous face reader in Wolverhampton is a past master in responsible apprehension of first impressions. It does not matter if the customer is joyous, morose, active, laid back, or disinterested. Our face reading expert quickly grasps the signals given by the customer’s face and reads them to perfection. The subsequent predictions involve careful analysis and disciplined definition of the personality profile. No stone is left unturned, and the customer’s life, history, age, gender, body language, facial angularity etc…

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