Yealy Virgo Horoscope 2020 @ Kamal Astrologer & Chakra Healer Wolverhampton, West Midlands

150° to 180° of celestial longitude

From the month of April until June of 2020, you would be presented with great chances to travel. This would bring back the excitement in your life to carry on with the daily activities, be it work, study, or others. Avoid any issue that might create anxiety in your mind, and stay away from problems that give you unnecessary stress and tension. Maintain your lifestyle and take care of your health and avoid any kind of issue that might lead you to aggression, or else you might suffer from Hypertension, the Horoscope Predictions for 2020 suggest.

Maintaining your health by following a strict and healthy regime, with adequate exercise and healthy eating, would help you stay fir and lead a very healthy life. The Virgo Horoscope also predicts that in 2020, you might incur extra expenses this year due to various factor, and hence, you should try to control your extra unnecessary expenses, and also find ways for extra income, so that you do not have to deal with a financial crunch this 2020.

Business & Career

As per the Virgo Career Horoscope for 2020, it is hopeful that you might get success in your career during the months of September to December 2020. During this period, focus on your work and think of how you can make it better and worthwhile.

However, from 14 May 2020 to 13 September 2020, avoid starting any new business or work, as both Saturn and Jupiter are in retrograde motion (when a planet apparently moves in the opposite direction from its normal way). Also, avoid taking any new and major decisions that might be of importance to you and your work, and always think twice, rather than hurriedly taking any decision. Also, avoid taking up any new work or job offer, or even changing your job, during this period for your own good.


he Virgo 2020 Horoscope also forecasts that you should avoid any new speculative investments and also in real estate and property, from 14 May 2020 to 13 September 2020, due to retrograde of planets. You would be spending money in renovating your house, and beautifying it, apart from buying a new vehicle for you and the family. You have high chances of getting a heritage property after September 2020.

You would be blessed to know that your parents would be supporting you in your business settlement needs, with financial investments and others as well

Love & Relationship

The period from 14 May 2020 to 13 September 2020 is not good for any kind of relationship due to Saturn and Jupiter’s retrograde in the fifth house of love and romance of your birth chart.

So avoid any kind of meetings that might turn ugly, or bring any conflict during this period. It is preferred that you keep your distance, and avoid discussing trivial matters and try to resolve thoughts of break-up with proper discussion. The chances of starting a new relationship with a prospective partner, seems high from 23 September 2020, for all of you who are single and ready to share life with another, says the Virgo 2020 Horoscope prediction.

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