Yearly Libra Horoscope 2020 @ Kamal Astrologer & Chakra Healer Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

180° to 210° of celestial longitude

Libra is the emotional sign of Venus. However, in the year 2020, Libra moon sign natives are going to be more manipulative than emotional. You will be action-oriented with a strong self-confidence and grit to outperform competitors, in the year 2020.

According to the 2020 Libra Horoscope, the period after 23rd September when Rahu transits into your 8thhouse, is going to be a significant period to mend your relationship with your father or seniors. Clear off your debts (if any), during this time, and be respectable towards elders and seniors at work.

The end of the year will be on neutral grounds, where negative energies will stabilize, but no major faults are foreseen.

Business & Career

According to Libra 2020 Career Horoscope predictions, chances of getting a new project or business deal from a foreign country is high, during this year. You will share a good rapport with your co-worker and subordinates and they will stand by you through the professional ups and downs that you will encounter during the year 2020.

Hard work and efforts are going to mold your destiny to give out favorable results on career. Libra moon sign natives will have their hands full during the year 2020 as promotions and salary increments will come through them, but not without attesting their mettle to the world.

Love & Relationship

Libra 2020 Love and Romance horoscope may look forward to a year full of surprises, solace and some setbacks on the love front. But, nothing of this will happen without a purpose or a valid reason. So, watch out for your actions and expressions, during the year 2020, as they will lay ahead the map for your love expeditions in the New Year.

Significant planets that are going to influence Love and Romance for Libra moon sign in the year 2020

  • Jupiter’s transit: It will be transiting in your 3rd House of domestic harmony till 20thNovember 2020
  • Saturn’s transit: It will be transiting in your 3rd House for a brief period till 24thJanuary 2020, post that it will be moving to your 4th House
  • Rahu’s transit: It will be in your 9th house until 23rd September 2020
  • Ketu’s transit: It will be transiting in your 3rd House till 23rd September 2020

During the year 2020, Libra moon sign natives will have a strong sense of self-worth and varied expressions of love. The influence of the moon sign lord Venus will be evident in the approach towards love and romance.

However, your actions will not reap in much of desired results as your partners will not share the same wavelength as yours and you both will have different ideologies as far as the matters of heart are concerned.


In March-April, when Venus will move towards your house of children, it will signal a probable effect on your children’s health. Some unidentified digestion or skin problem may surface, which will take some time to be diagnosed. This may create some health troubles for the Libra moon sign people. Pain in stomach and mental anxiety will be some of the common symptoms, in this period, with no concrete root cause to be recognized. It is advised to keep yourself and your family under medical supervisions and guidance, if you observe any abnormal health symptoms.

During the same period, your mother’s health will require greater attention, as Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be present together in your 4th house of domestic peace and mother. Acidity, boils and indigestion will be some common problems that may affect your mother’s health in this period.

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